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Customizing Your Sticker

FREE Alterations

Most alterations to an existing nameplate decals are free. Free alterations are considered a reduction in size and the design changes to suit your needs. The rest falls under "Custom Work" category.

Custom Work
What Can We Do For Your Boat?

We can design or customize any decal(s) to your individual application for a small fee. If you do not find your boat model and would like us to make one for you, just let us know. After completion, your requested design will be offered in our inventory. You have no obligation to buy or to pay any production costs. However, we reserve the right to refuse any work. Our service is strictly voluntary.




Our "next" size up from 8.5X11 is 11X17. Anything above 11" prints on the "next" size up-11X17. When requesting decal(s) above 11", please note, it will cost double our regular 8.5x11 price of $19.95.

Another service 9xmarine can provide is a multi-layer decal using marine vinyls of various colors skilfully combined in to a single image. Please inquire. (see a sample below)


Our Capability
We can design for you:
Single color die-cut vinyl lettering or graphics; 12" high by maximum of 40" long. 
Laminated and die-cut Inkjet print; 12" wide by 24" long.

You are welcome to call our toll free number for more information 1-888-603-3217.