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Die-Cutting Service

Die-cutting technique falls into two categories - contour cutting and mechanical punch-out. Punch-out technique is used when identical decal is printed in hundreds of copies. Since decals we sell are sold one of a kind at a time, it is impossible to predict amount of decals will be sold, we have to cut one decal at a time. Process of cutting one decal at the time is time consuming and technically complicated. Printing die-cut-ready decal and further process is different that of producing any of our uncut $19.95 decals. We use different material for die-cut offered products. The material design to survive longer by keeping all portions of design intact on the fiberglass surface. In addition, some of the split designs require the use of binding transfer film for the purpose of peeling the design off the backing material and move it into the fiberglass without separating design elements. All extra work can't be given away for free. We charge for the time it takes to die-cut a particular design.

Please Contact Us Regarding Your Die-Cutting Needs.

The die-cutting price ranges from $9.95 and up per project. Please use form below for all your die-cut inquiries. In the form don't forget to indicate the name of the product you need to die-cut. We will respond with a quote in 2 hours.


Thank you