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About us

Who We Are

9xmarine is a subsidiary of 9xauto inc. In 2013, 9xauto has organized a studio to begin redesigning and replicating rare and no longer available boat name decals going back as far as 1942. Using 3D illustration techniques it was visually possible to replicate an OEM decal originally made of metal or plastic. This illustrated (photograph) decal from several feet away ended up looking as a real as original mounted on the boat. An additional goal of the studio is to redesign and or remaster (re-render) the original boat signage to something more modern. Many times in the past the boat manufacturer did not pay attention to the design aesthetics of the boat’s brand, leaving owners with sometimes really awkward looking boat decals and stickers. Additionally the studio decided to design new decals to represent brands that did not have any graphical representation in the past.

How stickers are made

We start by inkjet printing each set individually using a waterproof vinyl sheet, backed by a permanent adhesive. The ink used is UV resistant DYE. After drying we use a 300F hot .5 mil. thick laminate glossy film to protect the sticker's surface. We use two types of lamination film; one for above water and one for below the water line (Like the stern drive applications and engine compartments). The below water line laminate is not as glossy but extremely rugged and requires a cold application in to the surface of the sticker. All stickers purchased from us for above water line applications should not be waxed or polished. The sticker will sustain its color and gloss finish for years to come. All our stickers must be cut because the lamination process can't be applied after die-cutting. The only lamination that can be applied after die cutting is epoxy based. The stickers with an epoxy based top are called "Domed". Domed lamination has a size limitation and are extremely expensive. All though they are very beautiful.