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Recreating a New or Original Name-Plate for Your Boat.

What is it all about?

You spent thousands of dollars restoring your boat to find out that your original nameplate doesn't exist anymore. This is a real frustration. How much are you willing to pay for your original or replica name plate? Even having enough funds wouldn't guarantee you will even find someone to make one at a reasonable price. 9xmarine can help you with this project. We have thousands of historic boat decal graphics in our vintage collection. Every week we add more decals to our catalog. Throughout a recorded time, more than 28,000 different boats where manufactured at one time or another all over the World. 28,000 records are held by US Coast Guard to identify these boats going back to 1900. We can recreate a lost nameplate by creating a graphic representation which can be easily converted to 3D plastic printed model. At this point you can paint what we created or you can send our plastic print to your local metal foundry and request an aluminum copy. 

9xmarine have capability to 3D print decals in plastic measuring 9 to 10 inches in length depending on decal's shape. The price per decal is $29 each. We don't finish the decal. You would need to paint and finish your decal, however, simple chrome spray covering is available at no charge. 



Another nameplate replica completed. We found the most affordable way to make it happen for $29.99 Ea.

















Luhrs 3D printed 10" decals. painted with primer , ready for filler and final paint.